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Alliance Rules Empty Alliance Rules

Post by Johnb123 on Tue Nov 19, 2013 5:17 pm

Alliance Rules

1. Everyone fights! This is not farmville.
2.Zero “bullying” of any kind (there may be exceptions to this rule during war). We will not attack your OPs unless you attack ours (except benha00 or Royal_Dawgs – feel free to attack their OPs cuz they spying on yours right now).
3.Support Support Support! You will offer up troops to your brothers & sisters that are being attacked!
4.Donations to the alliance fund are welcome, however, you will not be kicked for not donating. Non-ruby buyers are welcome. Buying rubies is encouraged!
5.Do not steal Resource Villages. You may be kicked out for this.
6.Inactivity will get you kicked! Long absences happen, at least let one of our Sgt’s or Generals know how long you are going to be gone so we do not boot you.
7.Be active in wars! Step up and plan out your attack(s)!
8.Respect your diplomacy and do not attack those we have agreements with.
9.Help out our development alliances with resources and knowledge as much as possible!


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